June Brown: Respect Your Elders 9/7/2012


When Greenway was approached by the BBC to be part of a documentary called "When I'm 65" we sent Greenways senior carer Julie with June for the day to demonstrate that you can provide care that not only shows respect but dignity to our elders.

BBC Synopsis: Eighty-five-year-old EastEnders actress June Brown thinks the way we treat older people in this country lacks respect. She thinks they are undervalued, pushed aside and ignored. In this programme, June tries to find out what's gone wrong and what can be done about it.

On her journey, she talks to elderly people about what it is like to be in the care system. She even visits her former on-screen husband John Bardon, who had a stroke five years ago and now needs 24-hour care. June's personal views come to the fore when her own family challenge her to say what she wants to happen if she ever needed care. June's first response is to dismiss the notion but, as the film progresses, she comes to a surprising decision.

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