Continuity of care

We recognise the importance of continuity. However, this is not a word you will see or often hear of in the homecare Industry, again though frequently associated with the conveyor belt mentality. No-one wishes for their loved ones to be cared for by a different name and face every day. We believe that continuity can help maintain an environment that promotes independence; in turn this allows a rapport to build and form relationships. It is far easier to spot potential health problems or other issues which may be worrying and this in turn allows for an enhanced level of home help. Continuity of care ensure the best level of homecare is delivered.

Greenway's strict policy of ensuring that all carers are introduced to our clients prior to making their first attendance and with a pool of carers no greater than 4-5 depending on the number of calls per client, we can always ensure that continuity of care is never left to chance and this in turn provides for an enhanced level of homecare. By investing in and developing our own software we can ensure that only the carers that have had previous visits to a specific client can be allocated an appointment with that client.

We believe it is testimonial of Greenway Homecare strict policy on Continuity that we were awarded a 3 Star Excellent CQC Award and will remain permanent fixed in our ethos.

Continuity is a word you can be sure to hear a lot from Greenway Homecare because we believe it is important in giving our clients the level of homecare that allows them to be confident in making decisions and choices, which in turns lends to them remaining independent.